Project Scheduler/Planner


Location: On-Site Client Plant Site
Type: Full time



  • The Project Scheduler/Planner is responsible for:
    • Apply Planning Theory & Methods
    • Establish/Assure Deterministic Baselines
    • Establish Integrated Plan and Controls
    • Mature the Plan and Schedule
    • Manage Schedule Change



  • Comprehend and apply Planning and Scheduling theory and techniques.
    • Apply sound understanding of network construction and critical path analysis (logic and lag/lead relationships, time analysis, float types, and imposed constraints and their effect in the schedule), definition of resources and associated profiles, baseline establishment and ability to interpret performance indicators to define when to re-baseline.
    • Performance of Earned Value (SPI, CPI) analysis.
  • Develop and manage the project schedule as required for each phase of the project. Milestone (FEL-1), AACE Level 2 (FEL-2), and AACE Level 3 (FEL-3).
    • Assess the scope of the project, activity definition, duration estimates and logically link the activities in such a way that all schedule drivers are included (Technical, Local Requirements, Permitting, etc.), and document with assumptions, exclusions, weather constraints, project specific requirements, resource constraints, metrics and logistics.
    • Understand the quality requirements for a baseline, assess and communicate the quality requirements of a contractor’s schedule and understand the Client’s internal requirements/deliverables for planning.
    • Ensure that the integrated Project Schedule (Level II / III) is loaded with or underpinned by resources, analyze the plans on peak workloads and bow waves, and level the schedules in line with resource availability.
    • Establish appropriate schedule progress measurement systems, identify deliverables, establish progress steps, assign/validate weightings, implement and maintain throughout the execution of the entire project.
    • Utilize normalized project benchmarking information and metrics to test and establish robust plans.
    • Collect actual schedule performance to maintain condition and normalize data for future use, develop metrics and benchmarking information.
    • For TAR-related projects, work with the TAR scheduler to ensure project schedules are properly integrated within the TAR schedule. Ensure that, at a minimum, WBS structures, calendars, work schedules, and activity codes match the expectations from TAR.
  • Manage, communicate and resolve any schedule issues that arise and secure project management support for the expanded schedule.
  • Manage the schedule change management process. Ensure that appropriate changes are reflected in the schedule updates. Maintain the baseline, initiate and develop mitigating and recovery plans, and establish clear criteria for re-baselining.
  • Develop, implement and maintain a suite of schedule status reports which accurately and comprehensively communicate overall project schedule and physical progress status to project management and other key stakeholders.
    • Maintain bar charts at level I, II, and III with actual progress against the baseline.
    • Establish complementary sub-project reports (such as schedule variance, progress curves, KPI status, milestone waterfall charts, trend curves) and assist the project managers identify adverse trends and recovery plans.
    • Establish and maintain progress reporting hierarchy and formats, consistent with the overall planning hierarchy. Assure, integrate and align contractor progress measurement systems, process and reports.
    • Put together schedule reports which align with PEC, Pulse Check, and other report expectations.


Scheduler/Planner Additional Notes:

  • Experience level
    • 5-10 years
  • Construction understanding
    • Ability to act as a scheduler and a planner
    • Construction and engineering scheduling needed
  • Program knowledge
    • Preference for P6 (Primavera)
    • Microsoft Project would be a nice to have
  • Overall integration of all projects to forecast project resource needs
    • Develop a standard Client template or format


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