Retired Engineers & Designers

Chemic Employment for Retired Engineers & Designers

At Chemic we are looking for Engineers & Designers who are already retired or about to take that next step in life. We offer a laid back, no hassle environment with the opportunity to work full to part time or on a contract basis. We have been in the industry for more than 30 years and we look forward to retiring professionals joining our team and bringing their knowledge and experience to our continuously growing family. If you are interested in opportunities for part time work please register with us.

Mail your resumes to Chemic Engineers,  4820 FM 2004, Hitchcock, TX 77563 or email at  or Click Here

What happens when you register?

We will confirm receipt of your form/resume via the email address you provided.
We will contact you to better understand your skills and abilities, as well as get a feel for the amount of time you would like to work.
When an opportunity for staffing arises that meets your expectations and interests, we will call you to discuss your availability at that time and decide if it is a good fit.