Why Choose Us

BEngHonsMechanicalEngineeringWe’re away from the “rat race”.
It is simple but true. Our location is away from the big city, long drives to work, and traffic jams. This encourages a better life balance and less stress work environment. Our offices are 20 minutes from Galveston beaches, bay, and offshore fishing.

We’re privately owned.
Being privately owned allows us to maintain a non-bureaucratic, entrepreneurial atmosphere. Our leadership is based upon, and driven by Christian values, which is something we believe is key to a successful, stable, positive working environment. We also make sure that company leadership is on a first name basis with all employees.

Chemic provides maximum exposure.
Chemic employees are not cubicle dwellers. They have the will to do it all:  be in the field, in front of a client, and at the computer. The variety in the job is one of the top reasons our employees stay for the long haul.

Chemic takes care of employees.
We strive to keep benefits and wages as competitive as possible within our market, and aim to continuously improve employee well being while at work. We strongly believe that families must come first and have had several instances with employees where Chemic has had to come second.