Civil/Structural Engineering

Storage tankChemic Engineer’s Civil/Structural group provides engineering and design for roads, bridges, storm water run-off, secondary containment, retaining walls, general site preparation, detailed structural steel supports, steel member connections and adapting equipment supports for manufacturing processes.

Chemic provides the most cost effective and practical solutions to our client’s needs for detailed civil and structural design, reinforced concrete detailing and site surveying. Chemic also provides a customized structural design solution for our client’s specific needs and we have experience in detailed design of structural support of plant processing equipment.   With our experienced and highly qualified civil and structural engineers, we can provide an engineered and designed package as well as providing our vast field support and analysis for any type of civil or structural application. Our dedicated and skilled civil and structural team can provide the following services but are not limited to:

  • Soil Investigation – Investigate soil requirements to provide data for foundation design including the locations in which borings should be made.
  • Concrete Foundations – Provide engineering and design for foundations associated with process equipment, pipe racks, buildings and multi-floor structures including drilled piers, mats, footings, etc.
  • Structural Steel – Provide engineering and design for pipe racks, steel bridges, multi-floor structures, loading/unloading platforms and equipment supports including performing calculations required to size steel members, specify connections and developing AutoCAD or Microstation drawings to use as a basis for shop detailing.
  • Architectural – Provide architectural design and planning to the requirements of a project for office buildings, warehouses, masonry structures, control buildings etc.
  • Computer Analysis – Utilize STAAD.Pro for structural steel design and analysis, for foundation design and analysis, L-Pile and Group Pile for pile foundation design and analysis and REAM software for slope stability analysis.