Process Engineering

Gas storage tanksThe key elements to Process Engineering include heat transfer and material balancing, line sizing and hydraulics and diverse instrumentation selection and sizing. Chemic Engineers has the ability and expertise to supply these technical demands of chemical engineering and applied process design services. Our process engineering group focuses on the design, operation and control of processes within the petrochemical, refinery and chemical industry.

Chemic’s process engineering group has the capability to deliver the following but is not limited to:

Overall Capabilities

  • Provide complete front-end engineering packages including material balances, energy balances, PFD’s, P&ID’s, equipment sizing/specifications, system hydraulics, pipe sizing, control valve selection and PSV selection with corresponding cost estimates.
  • Major areas of expertise include design of facilities for upstream oil & gas production, mid-stream facilities for petrochemical, refinery and chemical needs and general utilities inclusive of existing facility debottlenecking or revamp.

Detail Capabilities

  • Provide conceptual feasibility studies and facility design early in a project to define scope (FEL-1).
  • Perform calculations to determine optimum type of equipment for a service, sizing of the equipment required and detail the design and performance of equipment with a +/-30% capability using ApsenOne Suite software.
  • Provide control valve and instrument sizing using InstruCalc software.
  • Provide flare system design and analysis using Aspen Hysys Flare Net software.
  • Develop Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s) and Utility Flow Diagrams (UFD’s) with general control philosophy.
  • Develop detailed P&ID’s that match simulation and PFD’s to include, if necessary, material and heat balances for multiple cases.
  • Optimization selected process concept with further simulation and studies for FEL-2.
  • Provide process troubleshooting based on experience, observation, inspection and analysis to determine why an equipment item or unit is not performing up to design or up to previous levels of performance.