“Chemic has been an engineering resource of choice for us at the Chocolate Bayou Plant for many years. Their
small company adaptability combined with a broad range of capability has proven invaluable during challenges
when immediate responses were necessary. They provided a quality product tailor fit to the needs of their client
without the excessive overheads and red tape of a large engineering firm.”

David Polasek
Project Engineering Lead
Ascend Materials


“Chemic Engineers has completed several successful projects at E. R. Carpenter L.P. in the last ten years. Overall,
we are very pleased with their performance. I can summarize some of their strong points below:

  • They have courteous personnel who are easy to work with.
  • They have very responsive service.
  • If a problem comes up, they quickly work with us to resolve it.
  • They follow the rules of our facility while working on site.
  • The designs are well thought out with respect to ease of construction and quality.
    Chemic has several very experienced engineers with extensive knowledge in their areas of concentration.”

Mark Scott
Technical Manager
E. R. Carpenter L.P.


“The Longview project is all but complete, final insulation will be finished this week. I wanted to thank you again
for a well put together quality package. The initial project timeline was a bit frustrating for you, as well as a change
in Air Liquide’s project management. Without your attention and understanding, the project would have been a
mess. Also, it was much appreciated for the specific trips to site and working with me when I picked up the project
and then the contractor. Thank you.”

Paul Yamarick, PE
Project Manager
Air Liquide – Large Industries


“To handle overflow from the in-house engineering group, our facility continues to have a need for a full service
design engineering firm that is strongly committed to successful small projects. Chemic has successfully completed
a range of assignments (study, survey, estimating, full design package, etc.) involving a broad range of disciplines
(civil, piping, electrical, etc.). Design personnel provided by Chemic have been knowledgeable and productive.
Communication from Chemic regarding needs for information and decisions have been open, active, and
appropriate. Chemic management has regularly sought input on performance but has maintained focus of
designers on completing assignments. Chemic offices are geographically close enough to provide timely service
but remote enough to keep distractions of routine plant operations from impacting design progress on small
capital projects. Thank you for continuing efforts to improve performance.”

Anthony W. Powell, P.E.
Sweeny Refinery Design Engineering Team Leader

“Our relationship with Chemic has been accommodating with great customer service, expedient in setting and
meeting deadlines, attentive in their attention to detail, and competitive in their pricing and knowledge of the
latest technology. This is why the Freeport site for DSM Nutritional Products chooses to use Chemic Engineering.”

Jonathan Sublet
Project Manager
DSM Nutritional


“Chemic Engineer’s design and field support is always very good. Due in part to Chemic Engineers small size, team
dedication and design flexibility, fast track projects were not an issue for the Chemic Engineers team. After moving
to Exterran in 2007, I found that Chemic Engineers was a good fit for BOP design of small and mid-size upstream
natural gas projects. Chemic Engineers is always willing to support our project needs regardless of the man effort
involved. I consider their design estimates accurate and Chemic does work to maintain their contracted price on
fixed price jobs. We have worked out a good change order process with Chemic such that scope changes can be
quickly identified and priced. I have found that working with Chemic Engineers over the past decade on both small
to mid-size projects provides a more cost effective design with less impact due to any misinterpretations when
compared to larger engineering houses. I consider Chemic Engineers overall very good at estimating engineering
costs and holding budget at their estimated costs. Chemic is also willing to provide whatever is required to meet
realistic schedules. Based on a well defined scope of work, Chemic will deliver to that scope. Chemic’s design and
engineering team have also been very adept at resolving site issues and coming up with work-a-rounds if

Charles Bulot
Project Engineer
Exterran Integrated Projects